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April 28, 2010, 7:37 pm
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From today you can follow the developments of Soita Mummolle campaign also on Twitter.
Be welcome at and help building up a dialogue and a community!


April 26, 2010, 1:32 pm
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… to those who have lost their parents or grandparents, if the survey hurt their feeling: I did not mean to cause inconvenience.
I understand that not everybody have their family still, so I apologize if I was indelicate. I am sincerely trying to do something good.

In a way I thought it would have been even worse to say beforehand that you should answer to the questionnaire only if you still have parents and grandparents… I do not have experience in surveys, since it is the first time I am running one.

Unfortunately, I noticed that since already so many people answered to the survey I cannot modify the questions or I will loose all the results. If anybody has a good suggestion on how to improve the situation, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Academic survey supporting Soita Mummolle

Are you finnish?
Then please take just 5 minutes to answer to these surveys on the communication habits of Finnish people among their family (parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren).
They are supporting the Soita Mummolle campaign and my research:
(it’s just 13 questions, it’s in finnish and you can win a Stockmann 30€ gift card!)

And 9 extra questions, if you are older than 60:

Kiitos paljon! … ja muista soittaa isovanhemmillesi! 🙂


April 13, 2010, 7:20 pm
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The blog is still in development phase: I will post news as soon as the project will proceed forward!

For further info, please check the pages “About” and “The initial pilot”.
Or drop a line at soita.mummolle(ät)

Stay tuned! 🙂