Soita Mummolle



Soita Mummolle is a campaign aiming to sensitize people about the issue of seniors’ loneliness.

Its “communication weapons” are street campaigns, flash-mobs, guerrilla marketing and PR.

The final goal of this social project is:

  • Raising awareness and debate about seniors’ lives
  • Pushing people to act in first person: what are the daily small actions we can do to be nearer to our elderly beloved ones?
  • Organizing in August 2010 the Soita Mummolle Päivä, a day on which social flash-mobs will take place in Helsinki: people will gather in public spaces and call their elderly parents/grandparents, to give a visible sign that they care about them and this issue.
  • Try to prove that the motivated action of a single citizen can change the status quo and spread ideas good for the society. Nowadays the communication tools we have in our hands are so many – and many of them either free or very cheap: let’s use them to create a social impact!

The idea for this project was born in summer ’09 (see “The Initial Pilot” for further info) and now the moment has come to try to put into action!


My name is Stefania Passera, an Helsinki-based Italian Graphic Design MA student (Aalto University School of Art and Design) and Assistant Researcher (Aalto Design Factory/Decode Research Group).

I am interested in understanding how graphic design can have an ethic and a social impact. Maybe designers have to create more meanings and less “make-up”: is beauty needed after all when the content is compelling? What is our role of communicators?

I am interested also in understanding how contemporary communication tools can empower the single citizen in being an “influencer” and a “broadcaster”. How can action and interaction be the ingredients to create a highly-involving yet low-budget communication?

Last but not least, I am interested in exploring how personal ties  between people and ways of expressing oneself change from culture to culture. For instance, how family ties are different in Italy and in Finland? What impact does it have on the general mood/shape of society?

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