Soita Mummolle

surveys’ results


The winner of the Stockmann Gift Card will be announced personally via e-mail later today.
324 people replied to the main survey and I want to thank them for their help! It was amazing how far the survey spread on the internet!
I didn’t get a good panel for the “over 60” survey, so for the moment I won’t publish any result: I will try to get more answers by personal interviews.
I will analize more in details the results and publish them on this blog (analyzing patterns according to age and sex, for example), but for now you can check the general results from the survey section on this blog.

Some reflections coming into your mind reading these data? Please, share them with us! 🙂

Academic survey supporting Soita Mummolle

Are you finnish?
Then please take just 5 minutes to answer to these surveys on the communication habits of Finnish people among their family (parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren).
They are supporting the Soita Mummolle campaign and my research:
(it’s just 13 questions, it’s in finnish and you can win a Stockmann 30€ gift card!)

And 9 extra questions, if you are older than 60:

Kiitos paljon! … ja muista soittaa isovanhemmillesi! 🙂